Pizza Taksi Bayilik Şartları

Pizza taxi has started to give dealership in 2015 in partnership with İlhan KİBAR and Serdar ERDAĞ. The fact that the 2 founding partners are food engineers provides an advantage in their delicious production. Quality, hygiene and meticulous understanding of the adventure continues. Currently, it has 7 branches. It also has over 40 employees.

Reflecting 25 years of experience, the Pizza Taxi brand pursues a policy of maximizing profits with minimum risk. They always defend the interests of dealerships. Dealerships are regularly inspected by expert teams every month. Based on the 300-item inspection forms, inspections are carried out in all areas from cleaning, production, clothing and receiving orders. The aim is to maintain quality and standards.

Pizza Taxi

To Get Dealership …

  • Having an interest in the service sector,
  • To be experienced web hosting,
  • Mutual trust,
  • Believing in team spirit,
  • We want to work with transparent and sincere people.

What you need to know to get dealership

Areas with a working area of ​​60, 80 m2 should be selected. Pizza taxi restaurant establishment costs vary between 200 and 250 thousand pounds. No turnover or dividend is requested from the dealers. The name right is $ 10,000.

Supports to be given for free;

  • Project, design work,
  • On-the-job training,
  • Social media advertising,
  • Inventory tracking, supply support,
  • Brochure,
  • In addition to the aforementioned supports, many supports are provided. More, you can reach the website of Pizza taxi company.

Communication, 0850 203 09 21

Mail; is


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